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Virtual WAG Judges Cup (Xcel, highschool)

Start: December 3, 2021
End: December 5, 2021

Judges' Cup is back! 

The theme this year is *We are All Heroes!* so get out your capes and join in!

Judges' Cup will be Virtual, all clubs in BC are invited to register.

This event is being hosted on two different dates:

1-10, Aspire & HP will have a video deadline of November 17th and a judging period of November 19-21.

Xcel & Highschool will have a video deadline of December 1st and a judging period of December 3-5.

Our goal each year is to make Judges' Cup a fun and educational event for the gymnasts and their coaches. This year, we are teaming up with the WTC (Women's Technical Committee) who will be running a Pre-Season Huddle on November 21st. This virtual training camp is open to all levels and all ages and is featuring some incredible, high profile presenters. Please see the link that will be on the K-Score registration site soon for more details.

Judges' Cup registrants will receive detailed feedback from the judges on each apparatus:

-CCP 1-3 gymnasts will receive a certificate with positive comments while their coach will receive a more detailed spreadsheet with deductions and final scores.

-CCP 4-10, Aspire and HP gymnasts will receive a detailed certificate inclucing start value and how the start value was determined, a breakdown of deductions including composition, execution, artistry and throughout deductions and a few additional comments that will help athletes prepare for a successful season! 

Judges' Cup does not have overall awards, instead they will have many special awards!

Judges will be mailing out the awards and certificates to all participating clubs. They will also be mailing out a special gift to each gymnast from the judges!

This is a very important event for BC WAG Judges as this is the only fundraiser to help cover judging costs for the year.

Please see all of the details in the attached Invite!

Registration is through K-Score.

For more information contact the WJC Chair Adriana Schemel